Why Adults Should Take A Painting Class

paintingandwineWhy Adults Should Take A Painting Class

Why *should* adults take a painting class? You’re busy, you’re tired, your disposable income has already been accounted for. Who needs another obligation, another thing to pay for, another reason to rush and stress and drive yourself crazy?

The voice in your head can be pretty convincing.

But..there’s the other voice in your head that’s been saying…

I want to start meditating.
I should take up painting.
I would love to exercise a little more.
I don’t feel fulfilled.
I wish I wasn’t so stressed all the time.

That part of your mind doesn’t seem to know about budgets, about deadlines, about limits. It just seems to be free to express itself. To have honest, wholesome desires. To really be interested in the well being of your heart. Some would call it your Inner Child, but why not just call it You?

After all, doesn’t it sound more like the real you than the grump in the first paragraph? Isn’t that voice a little more reflective of who you are and how you want to be? In the world, in your life, in your own skin?adult class

Give it a chance. You’ve been giving the first voice chances for years and it’s helped you to get where you are, but doesn’t the other “You” deserve its turn?

Ultimately, painting is fun and relaxing.  That’s why adults take painting classes!  Follow your intuition and sign up for a painting class at The Paint Cellar in Carmel Indianapolis today!

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