A World Without Art

What the World Would be like if Art Didn’t Exist

What do you see without art?

What do you see without art?Imagine what the world would really be like if art didn’t exist. There would be no pictures in children’s books, no movies, poetry, paintings, and everything else that makes the world beautiful. People become well-rounded and more outgoing though the creativity and passion brought into their everyday lives because via the aspects of art. Many forms of art have contributed to the relief of stress. These arts can include visual, auditory, or kinesthetic arts. Some people prefer drawing, painting, or sculpting. Some prefer singing and music. And lastly others prefer dancing and theater. Many don’t stop to appreciate the importance of art and what it brings to communities. Continue reading

Summer Art Camp At the Paint Cellar

Summer Art CampDo your little kiddos go stir crazy at the house in the summer? Don’t let their energy go to waste! Sign up for Summer Art Camp at The Paint Cellar. Enrich their minds and artistic spirit with us. Kids are so creative and through the summer art sessions we will give them a whole week of crafts to enjoy.  Send those little crazy pants to art school!

Each session will be a week with planned projects and then we will top it off with an exhibit for parents/guardians to come take a look at the kiddo’s fun crafts. Session 1 is June 13th – 17th from 9:00am to 1:00 pm. During this week they will learn about art from all around the world including European, Asian, Tribal, African, and Indian Art. Session 2 is July 11th – 15th from 9:00am to 1:00pm. During this week the focus will be on out of this world art/ sci-fi/ imaginary places including the fantastic outer space, alien attack, incredible shrinking artists, imaginary worlds, and mermaids and monsters. Kids will end their summer art camp experience with some great artistic abilities! They will have learned how to work with water colors, pastels, acrylic paint on canvasses, and how to make crafty creations. Click here for more information and to register now!

Parents Reminder: Please wear art clothes, we might get a little messy!  And also please pack non-microwaveable lunches and/or snacks for you little artists.

Hope to see your munchkins this summer!

Bringing Painting To Georgia Reese’s Downtown!

Georgia Reese's LogoThe Paint Cellar is bringing some adult painting fun to Downtown Indianapolis! Join us September 17 at Georgia Reese’s Downtown.  The painting instruction will begin at 7:00PM but feel free to get there early and socialize with your friends while you enjoy the fabulous atmosphere that Georgia Reese’s has to offer.  The class will last for 2 fun hours and the price per painter includes delicious appetizers.  Our drink special for the night is their popular “Bourbonade” and it is a MUST try! Continue reading

The Paint Cellar shares DIY Kids Crafts

The Paint Cellar shares DIY Kids Crafts on IndyStyle!  Our owner and crafts extraordinaire, Ashlie Miller, appeared on Indy Style recently to show us some cool crafts for kids. DIY Coasters are easy to make with a few glass tiles, some industrial glue dots and a few items from your local craft store. Another easy project: Canvas Cupcake Liner Flowers that will last forever and are easy for tiny hands. These crafts make great gifts that kids can create any time of the year! Continue reading

Inspiration from Georgia O’Keeffe

The Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition closed this past weekend at the Indianapolis Art Museum. For those lucky enough to have visited, they saw spectacular works from one of America’s most notable artists. O’Keeffe spent most of her life painting in the southwestern United States – a region which inspired her greatly. Her still life and landscape paintings brought to life scenes of beauty to generations of art admirers.

O’Keeffe was perhaps most famous for her beautiful paintings of flowers. She once said, “Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven’t time, and to see takes time – like to have a friend takes time.”

The Paint Cellar in Indianapolis is a great place to spend time with friends while creating your own piece of art to cherish. If you are inspired by the work of O’Keeffe and would like to create your own painting like the one shown here, please view our class calendars or contact us for assistance in scheduling a time and painting for you and your friends and family.