What’s In A Name?

my-name-isPart 1

Being an entrepreneur and creating that unique company name is a challenge.

But that’s only the beginning.

Then you have to take time and apply an enormous amount of dedication to develop and create the brand or image that you want to be known for and that you dream will one day be recognized by everyone in the community where you laid your roots. And then you dream even bigger – that your brand will be widely recognized across the state, the nation and the entire world.  Okay, maybe hoping for world-wide recognition is pushing it a little far … but an entrepreneur can dream, right?  

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Bringing Painting To Georgia Reese’s Downtown!

Georgia Reese's LogoThe Paint Cellar is bringing some adult painting fun to Downtown Indianapolis! Join us September 17 at Georgia Reese’s Downtown.  The painting instruction will begin at 7:00PM but feel free to get there early and socialize with your friends while you enjoy the fabulous atmosphere that Georgia Reese’s has to offer.  The class will last for 2 fun hours and the price per painter includes delicious appetizers.  Our drink special for the night is their popular “Bourbonade” and it is a MUST try! Continue reading

Events This Week

It’s hard to believe we are already in the last week of March.  At our parties this week we will be painting a fancy black clutch, pond lillys, fun flowers, a monogram mosaic and the popular love tree.  Join us in Indianapolis, Carmel, and Kokomo!  Select your party below and register.

Thursday, March 29:  6:30-8:30PM  Fabulous Black Clutch   Carmel, IN

Friday, March 30:      6:30-9:30PM  Pond Lillys  Indianapolis, IN

Saturday, March 31: 2:30-4:30PM  Fun Flowers   Kokomo, IN

6:30-9:30PM  Monogram Mosaic   Kokomo, IN

Sunday, April 1:        2:30-5:30PM  Love Tree Part 2   Carmel, IN