A World Without Art

What the World Would be like if Art Didn’t Exist

What do you see without art?

What do you see without art?Imagine what the world would really be like if art didn’t exist. There would be no pictures in children’s books, no movies, poetry, paintings, and everything else that makes the world beautiful. People become well-rounded and more outgoing though the creativity and passion brought into their everyday lives because via the aspects of art. Many forms of art have contributed to the relief of stress. These arts can include visual, auditory, or kinesthetic arts. Some people prefer drawing, painting, or sculpting. Some prefer singing and music. And lastly others prefer dancing and theater. Many don’t stop to appreciate the importance of art and what it brings to communities. Continue reading

8 Insane (But True) Things about Painting

  1. 8 Insane but true things about paintingThe color purple became associated with royalty when the pigment became so expensive only the wealthy could afford it! The dye was so costly to produce. Queen Elizabeth also forbid anyone outside of the royalty circle to wear the expensive color.
  2. The White House is white because of the original lime-based whitewash that was used to protect its porous stone surface. Every year they paint the white house its original white to continue the tradition. Plus, who would live in The White House if it wasn’t white?
  3. The Greek philosopher Plato is credited with the discovery that you can mix two different paint colors together to produce a third color. Check out Plato’s Theory of Colours in the Timaeus for more information!
  4. The first interior painting was done roughly 40,000 years ago in what is now France by prehistoric cave dwellers, who employed stencils in some of the work and even “spray-painted” by blowing paint through hollow bird bones.
  5. Various paint colors can help the body heal itself. There are methods of color therapy with soothing paint colors that encourage healing spiritually.
  6. Among the Aztecs, red pigmented paint was regarded as more valuable than gold.
  7. Many Native American tribes used black paint to signify life and yellow paint to signify death.
  8. The “color wheel” is older than the United States! It was developed by Sir Isaac Newton in 1706. The color wheel creator Isaac Newton, also founded Calculus. The color wheel allows us to create palettes more attractive to the eye.

The Paint Cellar On Indy Style With Fun, Easy Spring & Easter DIY

Happy Easter!The Paint Cellar’s Ashlie Miller takes part in Indy Style the third Tuesday of every month, be sure to stay tuned in! Check out the latest one here. We’ll take you step by step on how to make a pasta craft and a DIY ball flower jar craft. Watch along and listen to the steps to learn how to make fun crafts. Enjoy! 

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Art Education for Children

Do you remember arts and crafts projects creating macaroni necklaces, turkeys made with hand-prints, or snowmen made from cotton balls? How about trips to the museum, reports on famous artists accompanied with painting classes, or learning to play the recorder? Such kids activities may seem to only serve as a break from math and spelling lessons, but their importance in a child’s development shouldn’t go unrecognized.

“A growing body of research supports the importance of the arts in a balanced education, including a significant connection between study in the arts and literacy development, mathematics achievement, and overall academic achievement.” Continue reading

Art Meets the Track at the Paint Cellar in Carmel

Indianapolis is famous for its racing culture throughout the country and beyond. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is home to many events throughout the year; most notably, the Indianapolis 500. The first race of the Indy 500 was in 1911 – over 100 years ago. The owner of the paint cellar is no stranger to the track and has created her own pieces that capture the spirit of Indianapolis’ racing heritage.

Starting May 3rd, The Indianapolis Art Museum is hosting an exhibition titled, “Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas”. The exhibition will last until August 23rd – plenty of time to see great art and be inspired.

Are you a fan of the track? Perhaps you’ve been looking for something to motivate the man in your life to accompany you to the Paint Cellar. Book a private party for you and friends to paint your own rendition of the Speedway, join us for an open studio to paint your own interpretation of Indy’s racing culture, or stay tuned to our class calendars for a painting that strikes your interest.