Painting At The Chateau

chateau thomas logoPainting at the Chateau is fun for everyone!  Chateau Thomas is a charming little wine bar located on 116th Street in downtown Fishers. They have a variety of dry, sweet, and fruity red and white wines fit for anyone’s palette – anyone over 21, that is! On the weekends they host live musicians, and neighborhood folks bring food in (or have it delivered from nearby Marco’s or Wild Ginger) to enjoy both the wine and the music. One of their favorite musicians is Josh Kaufman, who just won Season 6 of The Voice. He will probably be too busy to play a gig there again, but he was great to listen to on a Friday or Saturday night – and many of their musicians are of the same caliber as Josh! It has a super laid back atmosphere, and the staff is very pleasant and helpful – almost feels like Cheers, with many of the same customers in attendance on the weekend nights.

Once a month, Chateau Thomas hosts The Paint Cellar for a painting class to be enjoyed with (or without) a glass of wine. It is a wonderful opportunity to paint a fun picture and try some exceptional wine with your spouse, your teenage kids, or your friends. You may think you just want one glass of wine, but once you get painting and the wine goes down easy, you realize a bottle shared between two is much more pleasing. And it is startling how much better one paints after a couple glasses of wine <insert giggle here>.

adult classThe Paint Cellar provides all of the supplies – easel, canvas, brushes and paint, as well as a phenomenal instructor to teach you step-by-step how to create a masterpiece. One gal brought her husband, who is a graphic artist and has a real talent for illustrating. She knew that his painting would be gorgeous and her rendition would leave much to be desired. When they finished the class and took the paintings home, they held them up side by side to show the kids. Wouldn’t you know the kids liked mom’s painting best! You really don’t need artistic talent to have a great painting experience and possibly walk away with quite a nice piece of art.

Why don’t you consider calling your girlfriends and reserving seats in a class today? Who knows – you may find a hidden talent for painting amongst you, a true enjoyment of a very fine chardonnay or merlot, or your next favorite deck wine for the summer!

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