4th of July Fun!

Carmel Fest4th of July Fun!

Are you looking for something fun to do on the 4th of July in Hamilton County that may inspire the entire family? CarmelFest may be exactly what your family needs to build some awesome memories and have a blast together!  This festival is one of our town’s annual events that draw thousands of people from all over central Indiana. Continue reading

Painting At The Chateau

chateau thomas logoPainting at the Chateau is fun for everyone!  Chateau Thomas is a charming little wine bar located on 116th Street in downtown Fishers. They have a variety of dry, sweet, and fruity red and white wines fit for anyone’s palette – anyone over 21, that is! On the weekends they host live musicians, and neighborhood folks bring food in (or have it delivered from nearby Marco’s or Wild Ginger) to enjoy both the wine and the music. One of their favorite musicians is Josh Kaufman, who just won Season 6 of The Voice. He will probably be too busy to play a gig there again, but he was great to listen to on a Friday or Saturday night – and many of their musicians are of the same caliber as Josh! It has a super laid back atmosphere, and the staff is very pleasant and helpful – almost feels like Cheers, with many of the same customers in attendance on the weekend nights. Continue reading

Art Around the World

US Flag PaintingLet’s take a look at art around the world.  This week we’re going to start a series of blog posts. We’ll pick a country and take a quick tour through some significant moments in its artistic history.

Art, like food, clothing, and religion, has been an integral part of human society since the beginning. If you study the changes over time in the art of any given country, you can learn a lot about that country’s history. Learning even a little bit about historical paintings, painters, and artistic movements is a beautiful, enriching way to feel connected to a country, a people, and humanity as a whole.

Up first: The United States

Continue reading

Making Art is a Human Urge

brushGraduate school is possibly the dumbest, most, painful, most enriching torture I have ever decided to put myself through. I am constantly reading, researching, and rewriting. But I love it. No, I am not a masochist, despite what I might say in my sleep-deprived phone calls to my mother. I’m studying what I love, as is anyone who is graduate school – I should hope – and I couldn’t be happier. But I also can’t imagine how people work full time and go to school full time and even have families too! Let alone extracurricular things that I see my friends engaging in. How do people have the time for life? Continue reading

Why Adults Should Take A Painting Class

paintingandwineWhy Adults Should Take A Painting Class

Why *should* adults take a painting class? You’re busy, you’re tired, your disposable income has already been accounted for. Who needs another obligation, another thing to pay for, another reason to rush and stress and drive yourself crazy?

The voice in your head can be pretty convincing. Continue reading