I Married An Artist

art objectsSo I married an artist.  You know those people who are uber-talented – the ones who can sing beautifully without any effort, the ones who can play an instrument by ear, or the ones who can draw the Eiffel Tower and have it look exactly like the Eiffel Tower?  Don’t you hate those people?  I am married to one of those people.

My husband is an incredibly talented human being.  He can sing, he can play the piano by ear, he can write music, he can mimic voices and accents (which is hilarious!), he can illustrate cartoons and draw pretty much anything, and he can paint.  Why did he get all the cool skills?  When I look at him and all that he is able to do, I wonder what my talents are.  They definitely aren’t obvious by any stretch of the imagination.  I can carry a tune, but I could never perform in front of people.  I took piano and violin lessons when I was in elementary school, but beyond playing the beginning of The Entertainer and Chopsticks on the piano, I cannot play an instrument today.  I have never been able to imitate anyone’s voice or copy an accent.  I can draw stick people, but even they don’t look so good.  And I can’t even paint a wall in our house, let alone a picture.

So, I really thought about my gifts and talents.  I love to cook, and I am pretty darn good at it.  I relate well to people, and have many friends from all over the world.  I enjoy reading and writing, hence this blog article.  I am best at conveying my thoughts through the written word – put me in front of an audience and I am completely tongue-tied.  These are some decent talents.  And who is to say that I can’t take up some new hobbies and try learning a “cool” skill.  I could take piano lessons as an adult.  I know it would be harder to learn now than it was as a child, but I would just have to dedicate a bit of extra time to practicing.  Or I could take singing lessons, and maybe volunteer at church to be in the choir.  I suppose I could take a drawing class – I might learn some basics and be able to draw more than the decal families you see on the back window of people’s cars.  Or maybe I will just take a painting class.  That might be fun!  Yeah, I think that is what I will do…

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