Graduation Party Planning

The-GraduateSchool’s out for summer…ok, not quite yet. But it is getting very close to graduation day! With tons of high school graduation open houses being planned, would your daughter or son like to do something unique? If so, consider hosting a private painting party for your graduate and her close friends. The Paint Cellar offers many paintings to choose from, we even have “The Graduate” painting. Your child can customize his masterpiece with his school name and year of graduation too.

As always, here are some easy ideas to help with the atmosphere and food for your party.  Measure out three or four 36” sections of 1” thick ribbon in your theme color.  Print out about twenty 5×7 photos of your graduate from different years of her life.  You will be hanging the ribbons from the ceiling, so tape the backs of the photos to the ribbon so they follow the ribbon vertically. When you finish taping all of the photos to the ribbons, attach the top end of each ribbon to the ceiling or chandelier so they hang over your table. To add more color to your party, make some balloon garlands. These garlands can be as colorful as a rainbow, or set in your theme colors (usually the school’s colors.) Simply tie the balloons together using string or ribbon. The garland can be attached to a railing, a table, hang down in a doorway, or be anywhere else you would like to add color to the room.
Food – yes – marshmallows again. I enjoy decorating and eating marshmallow masterpieces. For a graduation party you can create cute little graduation caps out of black construction paper to put on top of your marshmallow once you finish dipping it. Pinterest has the information on how to create the little graduation cap if you need help with the design. Once you have the caps ready, put a cakepop stick into the marshmallow. Dip the top of the marshmallow into melted chocolate. While the chocolate is still warm, stick the cap on top so it will not fall off until someone takes it off.  Then use cake icing to make eyes, a nose, and a mouth on your marshmallow. Your marshmallow graduates are sure to be a hit! Since strawberries are in season right now, strawberry shortcake kabobs will taste great.  Take some angel food cake and cut it into 1” or 2” squares. Skewer a strawberry and a piece of angel food cake onto a wooden kabob stick.  Then drizzle chocolate on top of the strawberry shortcake kabob. YUMMY! To see these ideas and more, visit The Paint Cellar on Pinterest
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