Easter Time!

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin’ down the bunny trail, hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way… This is a great time of year to get together with family and friends. The hope of Easter and the joy of springtime are in the air. Ok, maybe not springtime yet here in Indianapolis where it still feels like winter. But it will be here soon!
4f70050327a9dd1de8df0a82dfa15494As you plan your festivities for Easter, think about hosting a painting party for your loved ones. It is such a unique experience and fun for adults and children. After you choose a work of art to create, you can do some food and decoration planning to create the perfect atmosphere for your party.
Do you love “peeps?” How about serving Peep S’Mores. Simply purchase Peeps in different colors, place ½ of a Hershey bar on top of a honey graham cracker, place a Peep onto the chocolate and smash the Peep down with a second graham cracker on top. But don’t cook the Peep in a campfire the way you do marshmallows for regular S’Mores, it just wouldn’t be pretty!
For another quick snack you can get some little square pretzels, add a dollop of white frosting in the center, and then place an egg-shaped piece of candy on top—I use Robin’s Eggs, but any egg-shaped candy will do, so choose your favorite.  Do you have any egg-shaped candy left over? If so, make some brownies with your favorite recipe (or packaged brand,) and add a few egg-shaped candies on top of each brownie so it looks like a bird’s nest.
Do you have some pretty crystal candleholders? You can add a special touch to your room by topping the candleholder with a 6e946ceecaf53d62b84ba16c6fee2ae9decorated egg. You can also fill clear vases with different colorful items. Jellybeans make a beautiful rainbow filler for them, or you can use candy eggs, peeps, or plastic colored eggs. Want to make an Easter tree use as a centerpiece? Choose a vase that matches your Easter décor, and add some real twigs from your yard. You can use yarn, string, or ribbon to hang Easter eggs from the tree. Obviously, I don’t mean hard boiled eggs, but small, plastic ones you can buy in any store in their Easter section.

To see some of the ideas mentioned here and more, take a look at our Pinterest site. Have a great Easter!





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