DIY Easter Crafts for Kids: Fuzzy Bunny Paper Plate

Easter Bunny CraftHappy Easter! As you celebrate with your family The Paint Cellar would like to bring you a craft for your little ones to enjoy this holiday!

Fuzzy Bunny Paper Plate

What You Need:

  • Paper plate
  • Cotton balls
  • White poster board or heavy construction paper
  • Pink construction paper or pink crayon/marker
  • Black and pink pipe cleaners
  • Pink pompom
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Cut out two ears from the white poster board that are each about 5″ tall and 2″ wide.
  2. Cut out two smaller ears from the pink construction paper.
  3. Glue the smaller ears inside the larger ears, or color the inside of the larger ears pink.
  4. With the paper plate right side up, glue the ears to the top of the plate so the pink part is facing the table.
  5. Turn the paper plate over.
  6. Cover the plate with glue (tip: using your finger or a paint brush works well to smooth the glue out).
  7. Use the cotton balls to cover the plate.
  8. Glue the googly eyes, pompom (nose) and pipe cleaners on to construct the face of the Easter Bunny.
  9. Bend the pink pipe cleaner into the shape of the bunny’s mouth and glue under nose.
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