Summer Art Camp At the Paint Cellar

Summer Art CampDo your little kiddos go stir crazy at the house in the summer? Don’t let their energy go to waste! Sign up for Summer Art Camp at The Paint Cellar. Enrich their minds and artistic spirit with us. Kids are so creative and through the summer art sessions we will give them a whole week of crafts to enjoy.  Send those little crazy pants to art school!

Each session will be a week with planned projects and then we will top it off with an exhibit for parents/guardians to come take a look at the kiddo’s fun crafts. Session 1 is June 13th – 17th from 9:00am to 1:00 pm. During this week they will learn about art from all around the world including European, Asian, Tribal, African, and Indian Art. Session 2 is July 11th – 15th from 9:00am to 1:00pm. During this week the focus will be on out of this world art/ sci-fi/ imaginary places including the fantastic outer space, alien attack, incredible shrinking artists, imaginary worlds, and mermaids and monsters. Kids will end their summer art camp experience with some great artistic abilities! They will have learned how to work with water colors, pastels, acrylic paint on canvasses, and how to make crafty creations. Click here for more information and to register now!

Parents Reminder: Please wear art clothes, we might get a little messy!  And also please pack non-microwaveable lunches and/or snacks for you little artists.

Hope to see your munchkins this summer!

Kids Power Hour Painting Classes

CircleP_PB_FINALWe’re excited about our new location and our new neighbors, Pure Barre!

Haven’t experienced a work out at Pure Barre yet? Ladies, you are missing out!  Their team of fabulous instructors are encouraging, inspirational and supportive.

To contribute to our growing community, we’ve decided to expand our kids class options this fall to coincide with the Pure Barre class schedule.  Our new 1 hour classes give active parents the opportunity to drop their little artists off to paint and create while they work out at Pure Barre or run other quick errands.  These “Power Hour” painting classes will be lead by experienced instructors and offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and afternoons. Continue reading

Art Education for Children

Do you remember arts and crafts projects creating macaroni necklaces, turkeys made with hand-prints, or snowmen made from cotton balls? How about trips to the museum, reports on famous artists accompanied with painting classes, or learning to play the recorder? Such kids activities may seem to only serve as a break from math and spelling lessons, but their importance in a child’s development shouldn’t go unrecognized.

“A growing body of research supports the importance of the arts in a balanced education, including a significant connection between study in the arts and literacy development, mathematics achievement, and overall academic achievement.” Continue reading

Fall Art Club for Kids

FallKidsArtClubWe’re excited to offer Fall Art Club for kids, including weekday classes during fall break!   Our Fall Art Club will feature fun and age appropriate workshops in canvas painting with acrylics, painting with watercolors, mixed-media, and creative movement.  Club members can choose which 1.5 hour classes they would like to attend, and if they choose three classes, they can attend a fourth for free!

Please wear art clothes – we might get a little messy! If you choose to come for two classes on a day when you don’t have school, have your parents (or you!) pack a non-microwaveable lunch and/or snacks to enjoy during the day.

These classes will be in the mornings and afternoons during fall break, and in the later afternoons after school through the fall.

Learn More and Register Today!

Art Kid

10 Reasons You Should Enroll Your Child in a Painting Class

10 Reasons You Should Enroll Your ChildSummer’s coming and The Paint Cellar, in Carmel, is the place for you. Like most parents, you don’t want your kids to spend the summer just playing video games. We’ve got a solution for you.

Top 10 reasons:

1. Teach your kids how to learn. In addition to painting skills, your child will begin to develop skills and gain insights that can be applied to any endeavor. They’ll learn to continue when things get difficult, to believe in their own ideas, and how to ask for and receive feedback.

2. Painting is fun! If you enroll your child in a summer math class, they might fight you on it. But painting is a relaxing and fun activity that most kids already enjoy.

3. A painting class provides your child with an opportunity to get to interact with other children. Is your child shy? Giving and receiving positive feedback on their work is a good way for a shy child to take small steps toward interacting with new friends.
Continue reading