What’s In A Name?

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Being an entrepreneur and creating that unique company name is a challenge.

But that’s only the beginning.

Then you have to take time and apply an enormous amount of dedication to develop and create the brand or image that you want to be known for and that you dream will one day be recognized by everyone in the community where you laid your roots. And then you dream even bigger – that your brand will be widely recognized across the state, the nation and the entire world.  Okay, maybe hoping for world-wide recognition is pushing it a little far … but an entrepreneur can dream, right?  

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My Best Party Ever!

The Paint Cellar has provided the best Birthday Party for my 8 year old daughter!  Very didactic, great theme, the kids really enjoyed it, The Instructor taught the kids the essentials of the Art at the kids level, teaching them the techniques, to learn to express them selves and to learn to love what they are making in the canvas.  A product of their own! and boy… they really love it and got to take it home the same day!  I was surprise with the size of the canvas.  Good planning and organization.  The timing was great. The supplies were colorful and the tables for the party where set. Very Clean and neat. great job everyone! I’d love to come back.

Sandra P.
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It’s All About LOVE

It's-All-About-LoveLove is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches! Do you want to do something other than dinner and a movie with your special someone? Do you and your friends miss having date nights? Why not host a painting party? When couples paint together they have a great time and create beautiful masterpieces to decorate their home. My husband and I painted a “Love Tree” painting together last year. It is a two-canvas painting. I painted one canvas of the painting and he painted the other. Not only is it beautiful, but it holds wonderful memories of the time we spent together creating it. The Paint Cellar’s new February calendar has some fantastic Valentine’s Day choices for you. Continue reading

Getting Crafty on Indy Style

Fun Craft Ideas

Ashlie Duncan from The Paint Cellar has some fun craft you can do with your kids on Christmas eve or maybe after Christmas while they are still on vacation from school.
The Paint Cellar offers painting classes for adults and children.  In just two or three hours you can create a masterpiece to hang on your wall, or give as a gift to someone you love.  Their creative team members teach painting classes, and mixed media classes in the Indianapolis-area that are fun and engaging.  Spending time with friends at a painting party is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or evening! Continue reading

How To Plan A Holiday Paint Party

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Christmas Art Party!  The perfect invitation

Paint parties are so much fun! Many of the guests arrive believing that their painting will not turn out well at all but they come to have fun with friends. During the party everyone has fun talking, laughing, eating, drinking, and painting. Then at the very end of the party, everyone is excited about how beautiful each painting looks!

Tis the season to spend time with family and friends.  It is very easy to host a painting party.

  1. Talk to your friends and ask for a few dates and times that work for them
  2. Choose the location:  your own home or at our studio
  3. Call The Paint Cellar to arrange the date and time for your private party
  4. Confirm the date with your friends and tell them how to RSVP
  5. Plan food/drinks and decorations

Decorating for your party can be really quick and easy. Do you have martini glasses? Place a sprig of mistletoe or holly (real or plastic) on the table or buffet. Place an upside down martini glass over it. Then add a tea light or votive candle on top of the martini glass. You can spread these out throughout the room. Use a mixture of red, green, and white candles to match the rest of your Christmas decorations.  If you don’t like candles, place a martini glass on the table for each guest. Fill the glass with red and green M&M’s, red and green jelly beans, or any other candy you think your guests would like to snack on during the party. Add a red or green ribbon bow around the martini glass for added flare.

Candy canes have been part of Christmas décor for years.  Simply fill a transparent vase with them to add a splash of color wherever you need it. If you only have opaque vases, surround a vase entirely in candy canes. Use glue dots to help secure them on the vase, and then wrap a ribbon around the vase to finish the look. Fill the vase with festive, colorful flowers of your choice and use it as a centerpiece for your appetizer/dessert table.

Mmm, it is time to discuss food! I am not the best cook or baker in the world, or even in my neighborhood, so quick and easy works well for me.  Take a solid white or Christmas-theme platter that is large enough to create a tree lying down.  Arrange broccoli florets in the shape of a Christmas tree on the platter. One of the broccoli stems can be used to create the tree’s trunk. Surround the broccoli tree with cauliflower to fill the platter.  Add cherry tomatoes as ornaments in your tree. Slice a lemon and cut out a star shape from it to add to the top of your tree.  You can also make a Christmas tree using slices of sausage, cheese, and some crackers.

SANTA BROWNIE HATS - 1 pan of your favorite brownies, cooled and cut into desired size and shape (I used a round cutter)  12-16 small strawberries, cleaned and hulled  buttercreamWaiting for dessert? How about some Santa brownies?  Bake and cut brownies into squares. Spread white frosting or whip cream on top of the brownie. Place a hulled strawberry upside down on top of the whip cream, add a small dollop of whip cream or frosting on the tip of the strawberry to look like Santa’s hat. If you have read some of my previous posts, you know I have a ‘thing’ for marshmallows! Roll a large marshmallow in a very small amount of water, roll it through red sprinkles, and then place a straw through the marshmallow. Now you can carefully drink hot chocolate through your special  marshmallow straw.

For more decorating ideas, and recipes such as, Merry Berry Trifle and Easy Mini Pecan Tarts, check out our Pinterest site today!