Carmel’s Street Statues

If you’ve been to Carmel, then you’ve most likely seen one or many of the statues by artist J Seward Johnson Jr. Known as the Normal Rockwell of American sculpture, his realist sculptures in Carmel depict everyday characters who you might see on the street.

Johnson was a painter before he moved on to the medium of sculpture. The picture shown to the left is titled “The Right Light”. The painted sculptures are in fact castings of real people. Johnson’s work can be found across the world. At 83 years old, he continues to sculpt and contribute to the art community.

Take advantage of the warm weather and head to Carmel to view these fantastic sculptures. Make a day of it and register for a painting class at The Paint Cellar. Want to create a painting depicting one of the sculptures? Join us for Open Studio 12 – 4pm on Fridays!

Credit to Zach Dobson Photography for the image.

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