Art Education for Children

Do you remember arts and crafts projects creating macaroni necklaces, turkeys made with hand-prints, or snowmen made from cotton balls? How about trips to the museum, reports on famous artists accompanied with painting classes, or learning to play the recorder? Such kids activities may seem to only serve as a break from math and spelling lessons, but their importance in a child’s development shouldn’t go unrecognized.

“A growing body of research supports the importance of the arts in a balanced education, including a significant connection between study in the arts and literacy development, mathematics achievement, and overall academic achievement.”

The quote above comes from a recently published article by Tom Forcella, the superintendent of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools in an article titled, Tom Forcella: Arts essential to well-rounded education. School curricula are almost constantly debated these days, and art education sometimes takes a back seat to more traditional subject matter, but we should remember the lasting impact inspiring creativity and appreciation for the arts can have on children and adolescents.

The Paint Cellar knows how important it is to inspire creativity in children and we offer fun kids classes every week. We’re also hosting a week of summer camp in both June and July this summer which offers a great opportunity for kids (recommended for ages 6-13) to get creative during their summer break from school.

Read Tom Forcella’s full article here.

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