10 Reasons You Should Enroll Your Child in a Painting Class

10 Reasons You Should Enroll Your ChildSummer’s coming and The Paint Cellar, in Carmel, is the place for you. Like most parents, you don’t want your kids to spend the summer just playing video games. We’ve got a solution for you.

Top 10 reasons:

1. Teach your kids how to learn. In addition to painting skills, your child will begin to develop skills and gain insights that can be applied to any endeavor. They’ll learn to continue when things get difficult, to believe in their own ideas, and how to ask for and receive feedback.

2. Painting is fun! If you enroll your child in a summer math class, they might fight you on it. But painting is a relaxing and fun activity that most kids already enjoy.

3. A painting class provides your child with an opportunity to get to interact with other children. Is your child shy? Giving and receiving positive feedback on their work is a good way for a shy child to take small steps toward interacting with new friends.

4. Children are full of energy. In the summer their mental and physical energy won’t be so wrapped up in school and extracurricular activities. It’s a long time till September, and a painting class is a great way to harness their energy in a way that is both fun and productive.

5. Children spend so much time using logical and analytical skills during the school year. There are articles and news stories everywhere about how kids don’t get enough opportunities to develop their creativity. If you wait for the school system to change, you’ll wait forever! A painting class is the perfect start.

6. When kids are learning and experiencing new things, they want to share! And who do they want to share with? Their parents! A painting class is a perfect opportunity to get your kids talking. And what’s better than you being invited into your child’s world?

IMG_43647. Another benefit for the whole family–When kids learn, everyone around them learns. Have you ever wished you could take a painting class? Children love to share not only their experiences, but also their knowledge. Your child might turn out to be the teacher you’ve been waiting for. (And they won’t charge you!)

8. Perhaps the most important benefit from a painting class, your child can develop a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their own abilities. In a non-academic painting class, the stakes are lower and children are therefore free to experiment and truly learn without being stifled by grades and homework.

9. Give yourself a break! You work hard during the year taking care of your child. A painting class is a great opportunity for you to enjoy some alone time while your child is having fun and learning. And afterward you can meet your child refreshed and ready to enjoy your time off together.

10. You might find a hidden talent. Encouraging your child to try many different activities can lead to wonderful things and it can help you to learn more about who your child really is and what truly interests and excites them.

Sign up for a painting class at The Paint Cellar now! Or join us for this year’s summer art camp! Learn more about summer camp here.

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